Whether the chip or crack is to glass in your vehicle, premises, home or furniture we can achieve a successful repair in 90% of cases. 'Bullseyes', 'Starbreaks', small cracks or even a combination of all three types of damage can be repaired more simply and proficiently than with any other system available in the world today. Furthermore our repairs offer many advantages over replacing your glass:
We specialise in glass repair and restoration, nothing else. Unlike many other companies whose main business is glass replacement we don't recommend replacement if damage can be successfully repaired, plus you can rest assured that if we can't effect a repair no-one can.
Assessment of whether repair is possible is FREE!
Often the repair itself is FREE because most insurance companies will cover the cost of repair without charging you an excess, rather than pay for a replacement.
Even if you're not insured repair can be up to 80% cheaper than replacement.
Our standards of repair meet the British Standards Institute B.S. AU251 requirements for vehicles as well as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements (more than adequate for glass in commercial and residential premises). This guarantees that even repairs to chips in windscreens directly infront of the driver will pass the M.O.T. test. 'Holed' and cracked headlamps can also be repaired to avoid M.O.T. failure at a fraction of the cost of their replacement.
In addition to being approved by most insurance companies over 400 national fleet operators including 'blue chip' names in car hire, distribution, retailing, security, bus and coach operation use our services. Our work even meets the standards required by the emergency services, utilities, local government and the Ministry of Defense.
If thats not enough our repairs are stronger than the glass they replace AND are guaranteed for the life of the item!
Our nationwide mobile service comes to you wherever is most convenient, carrying out repairs on site there and then.
Repair is a lot quicker taking 30 minutes on average unlike the days or even weeks it can take to order and replace some items.
Repair involves less disruption to you and your environment. Work is restricted to the small area of damage and doesn't require removal and replacement of the whole item. As a result there is less mess and risk of damage to the surroundings - no retouching of paintwork or redecoration required for example.
Unlike replacement there is no subsequent risk of leakage or bonding separation problems.
Repair is also more friendly to the environment - repairing a few square inches of glass is not as wastefull as throwing away several square feet.
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All foreign material and crushed glass is carefully removed from the centre of the damaged area to open up an airway into the break. Certain types of damage may need to be precision drilled.
The patented 'Pro-Vac' injector is filled with the appropriate resin, depending on local temperature and humidity, before being mounted on the screen. The injector is then threaded through the stand until the outer seal makes airtight contact with the screen.
The 'Pro-Vac' injector is capable of creating a total vacuum within the damaged area which is essential for top quality repairs. Using alternating vacuum and pressure cycles all of the air within the break is withdrawn from the void and filled with 'Crack-Weld' resin. Once the damage is optically clear curing can commence.
Using a special ultra-violet lamp the resin is cured. Once the curing process is completed and the repaired area is polished the repair is optically clear and structurally sound, infact it is stronger than the glass it has replaced.
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